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39 / 19,500 Directors in the DGA  are Native American.

I would like to be # 40 and change this statistic.


Writer, Director

Educate, Elevate, Entertain

Derek Quick (Negane Meno) is a multi award-winning Native American/Hispanic Writer, Director, Producer, and U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard Veteran with over 10 years of military service.

He is a member of the Ottawa tribe of Oklahoma and his grandfather Chuck Red Cedar Todd was the Chief of the tribe. Derek's films have screened at Academy Award and BAFTA Qualifying festivals around the world including Short Shorts Japan, Imagine Native, British Urban Film Fest, Hollyshorts, and Cannes with the American Pavilion.

Derek's Film Kommando 1944 a WWII film about the Japanese Americans in Internment camp in Manzanar California won over 160 awards including Outstanding World War II Short Film winner at the 2019 Spielberg's Band Of brothers film festival, won three Telly awards for best director and best diversity film on two separate projects. He also won Three Remi awards for best director and best drama short film at the World Houston festival, and Best drama short in 2024 for his film Camping.

Educated at The American Academy Of Dramatic Arts and the New York Film Academy, Derek brings a disciplined, educated approach to his art. His involvement with the Writers Guild Veterans Foundation, RespectAbility Lab and the Native American Media Alliance Feature Writers Program, supported by giants like NBC Universal and Netflix, marks his dedication to the craft of screenwriting.

His screenplays have been featured on the Blacklist website's top screenplays and have won and have advanced in numerous festivals in 2023.

Derek writes with the aims of educating, elevating, and entertaining. Drawing from his varied background, he specializes in crafting underdog stories featuring diverse and intriguing characters across many genres and formats.

Derek is also an active stock investor running his own fund since 2006 and was in third place in the world stock investing championship against active professional hedge funds in 2023.

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